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Collaborating to achieve more for our ocean.

Our Partners

Ocean Census is made possible as a result of a growing Alliance that connects philanthropy with government, business, science, media and civil society organisations.

Every one of our partnerships brings us closer to our goal and enriches our mission by adding diverse knowledge, resources, data and perspectives.

The more we collaborate to share resources and knowledge, the more we can achieve. There’s lots of flexibility in the ways you can partner with us and your contribution could be the key to unlocking the next big discovery.

If you share our passion for the discovery and protection of ocean life, join us.

"We are lucky to be living in an era of incredible technological advancement. Ocean Census is a global effort with global partners and success will be borne by our united endeavour."

Dr Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director of Schmidt Ocean Institute

Coordinating the Alliance

We work closely with members of our Alliance to manage funding, coordinate activities and oversee our core programmes including expeditions, the Ocean Census Science Network, and media activity.

Our success relies on the cooperation of partners across a wide variety of disciplines including expeditions, cyber-taxonomy, data management, curation, media, operations, and capacity building.

Our long-term goal is to enable the establishment of Biodiversity Centres in high, middle and low income countries with partner institutions in order to facilitate an equitable network globally.








Working Together

Ocean Census Partners with Ocean Exploration Trust

The Ocean Exploration Trust joined Ocean Census Alliance with a shared goal to help accelerate the discovery of ocean life and catalyse its protection, build human capacity and create an inclusive legacy within the field of marine science.

For more than 15 years, OET has led expeditions around the world, generating a rich foundation of publicly-accessible data to enable follow-on research and management activities to better understand and care for the ocean.

Scientist Raissa Hogan joined Ocean Exploration Trust’s 27-day Johnston Atoll Expedition in summer 2023 as a participant to add capacity to species discovery as part of the wider goals of the voyage.

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Our partnerships with organisations drawn from a wide array of sectors from science, philanthropy, business and government to media and civil society, are vital to our mission, working with a shared purpose to discover and protect ocean life.

Speak to us about coming onboard.

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