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Ocean Census is a global collaborative initiative, an open network combining philanthropy, government and business with science, media and civil society. The larger the network and the more we work together, the more we can achieve.

Science partners collaborate on species discovery, technology development and advocating for the protection of ocean life.

Our expeditionary partners support marine operations with vessels, subsea technology and logistics.

Our media partners help amplify the story of ocean life to inspire public and policy awareness and action.

We work with and on behalf of governments of ocean nations to undertake expeditions, species discovery, public engagement and knowledge exchange.

Business partners and philanthropy provide funding, in-kind support and expertise to support and scale the initiative.

Moray Eel swimming along the seabed

The Alliance so far

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Ocean Census is an open network of organisations combining philanthropy, business, government, media and civil society who have a shared purpose to discover and protect ocean life. Get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

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