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Uniting a worldwide network to discover and understand ocean life.

A moonshot for the ocean

Through expeditions, science and awareness raising activity, Ocean Census is rallying a global network of passionate ocean scientists to enhance ocean life discovery efforts worldwide, especially in LMICs (low and middle-income countries).

By ensuring equitable involvement and knowledge-sharing, Ocean Census discoveries are universally accessible and will enrich global biodiversity knowledge.

A revolutionary approach


Critical to our mission, Ocean Census enables field operations from the surface to full ocean depth worldwide, both with and on behalf of ocean nations, within national water and in the High Seas in order to capture, digitise and preserve ocean life and its DNA.


Through the Ocean Census Science Network, we engage with participating laboratories and institutions to image, digitise, sequence, and initially describe species, creating a cyber-type called a Digital Life Form.

Capacity Building

Supporting participants through the Ocean Census Science Network, coordinating events, sharing opportunities, networking and science including the identification and description of new species.


Creating a single point of equitable access for data from the project to help advance global knowledge of ocean life.


Working with collections specialists around the world to support the storage and accessibility of specimens now and for future generations.


A network of field research expeditions is enabling us to capture, digitise and preserve ocean life.

There are a range of ways to support the mission and we can provide funding, scientists, technologies and media support to facilitate different types of expedition.

Each project is co-produced with host nation scientists and institutions and may employ vessels from national research, commercial or philanthropic fleets. All data and species discovered as a result are owned by the host nation.

Work with us


Our method deploys the revolutionary potential of cyber-taxonomy whilst supporting more equitable access to biodiversity data worldwide.

Through the Ocean Census Science Network, we’re working to increase capacity in taxonomy and support scientists who are passion about our mission to accelerate the pace of discovery gloablly.

Your participation is helping us to identify species, match opportunities with expertise and raise awareness of the critical importance of species discovery.

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Our media team works hard to bring ocean science to life through filmmaking and up-close experiences on the frontlines of ocean discovery and supports members of the Ocean Census Science Network to share their stories of discovery with the world. Writers can follow the mission using our Associated Press portal and register to receive regular press updates.

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