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Join the global mission to discover and protect ocean life

Connecting the network

Ocean Census provides the international infrastructure for an open network of partners to collaborate and coordinate one common purpose — to discover and protect ocean life. The faster partners get involved, the faster we can grow.

We also provide core funding for research, expeditions, and the Ocean Life Media Centre.

There are many ways partners can join forces, including vital roles for scientists and research institutes, governments, philanthropic organisations, business, media and civil society. Wherever you’re from, explore ways to get involved.

Scientists testing ocean samples in a lab

Ocean Census Science Network

Ocean Census is bringing together individuals and institutions from around the world to accelerate the speed of species discovery.

From taxonomists to data scientists, curators to technicians, contribute your expertise and hear about upcoming opportunities by joining the network.

Join the network
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Scientists & Research Institutes

  • Register your programmes as part of this global initiative and contribute your new species to the mission (which we will promote and amplify)
  • Register your taxonomic skills and expertise to coordinate research, participate in Ocean Census expeditions and collaborate in Virtual Taxonomic Networks (identifying and describing species)
  • Commit to a specific challenge to discover new species, for example “500 fish”
  • Register your training and capacity development needs where they are aligned to the Ocean Census mission, or volunteer to host training workshops


  • Align with Ocean Census as an official expedition, with our support to share your story globally
  • Participate or partner with Ocean Census on expeditions
  • Invite taxonomists from the Ocean Census Taxonomy Skills Registry to join your expedition
    Speak to us about the Ocean Life Media Centre and ways that we can help to tell your story
  • Collaborate with us on marine operations, from vessels to subsea technology deployment and development


  • Invite Ocean Census to co-produce research expeditions and species discovery in your territorial waters with your scientists
  • Work with Ocean Census to develop or align your national research grants programmes and field expeditions to support the discovery of ocean life
  • Send us an expression of interest to develop Ocean Census Biodiversity Centre in your nation or region for species discovery and biodiversity monitoring

Engagement & Media

  • If you are a journalist or media organisation, get in touch to receive updates on the latest news, species discoveries, and technological advances
  • Stay up to date with opportunities to join expeditions and attend events
  • Speak to us about accessing the Ocean Life Media Centre
  • Develop partnerships across education, broadcast, events and social media
  • Get advice on media training and help to share your story


  • Co-develop programmes and funding to undertake Ocean Census activities across science, policy, expeditions, technology, engagement and/or capacity development
  • Align or extend your existing initiatives and programmes with Ocean Census


  • Deploy the engines, skills and networks of your business to provide in-kind support to Ocean Census
  • Co-develop and fund specific programmes including science, policy, expeditions, technology, engagement and capacity development
  • Become an Ocean Census Sponsor with a bespoke range of partnership benefits

Civil Society

  • Co-develop programmes that meet shared objectives. Combine applied research, policy, and the involvement of citizen scientists in your projects with the work of Ocean Census
  • Align your existing initiatives with Ocean Census to engage and inspire sustained action to support the discovery and protection of ocean life
A wave crashing in the ocean

How to become a Partner

Ocean Census is an open network of organisations from science, philanthropy, business, government and media, as well as individuals, who have a shared purpose to discover and protect ocean life.

There are many ways to collaborate with Ocean Census so if you have an idea or would like to speak to us, please send us a message.

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