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Watch: Early Promise in First Week of Expedition to Bounty Trough

A first-hand update on the science and exploration activity taking place in week one of the Bounty Trough expedition.

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In Week 1 of our expedition to Bounty Trough, a remote area off the coast of New Zealand, scientists report on some exciting first observations and specimens.

In our film, find out more about science activity onboard the Ocean Census-Bounty Trough research cruise and what has been observed and retrieved so far.

This includes deploying the DTIS – Deep Tow Imaging System, capturing high-res seafloor images and the first piece of equipment launched onboard, helping to guide our search.

Watch the film on YouTube.

This expedition is part of the Ocean Census mission to find and protect marine life before it’s too late.

You can help to raise awareness of the importance of marine life by sharing the film with friends and colleagues.

Image: Deckhand Michael Connor deploys the DTIS

Credit: all images and video to Ocean Census/NIWA

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