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Ocean Census Science Network

Ocean Census is bringing together scientists and others involved in species discovery around the world, and we want to hear from you. 

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While millions of people watch wildlife documentaries like the BBC’s Blue Planet, which help to shine a light on the diversity of life in our ocean, most won’t see the painstaking hard work that goes into taxonomy — the process of examining and naming samples to uncover new species.

Globally, thousands of taxonomists, biologists, data scientists, technicians and curators are working to uncover the secrets of ocean life.

Taxonomy is vital to applied science – not least understanding the role of ocean life in oxygen production, the carbon cycle, feeding billions and advancing medicine. We can’t protect what we don’t know exists.

However, taxonomy is chronically under-funded and there are not enough scientists with the funding and skills to meet the urgent needs of the biodiversity and climate crisis.

In order to accelerate the pace of discovery significantly, Ocean Census is establishing an open, global network of scientists and institutions to drive the programme and coordinate resources and expertise.

We can provide:

  • Support to start or complete taxonomic identification
  • Funding, participation or in-kind support for species discovery through field
    expeditions, laboratory analysis of existing and new collections of species
  • Participation in Ocean Census Virtual Taxonomy Networks – drawing on expertise
    from across the network to support species discovery
  • Access to the Ocean Life Media Centre and help to raise awareness of your recent
    discoveries across international news and social media
  • Access to Ocean Census events at science and ocean conferences to network, share
    news and coordinate activities
  • Registration to the Ocean Census Science Network Newsletter, to help you stay up to
    date with the network’s activities and upcoming opportunities to work together on
    science and research projects


To join the Ocean Census Science Network, submit your details and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

It’s vital that we reach people around the world. Please ensure you share information with friends and colleagues.

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