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Read the Q&A with Expeditions Project Manager, Caroline Park

Thrilled to meet you!
Introducing our Expeditions Project Manager, Caroline Park

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What are you most excited about working in your role as Expeditions Project Manager?

Coming to Ocean Census itself is very exciting, as the work that we are doing is so important. I’m looking forward to bringing my experience in project management to a different setting and helping the team to get closer to our goals as the years tick by. I’m also excited by the potential opportunities to board research vessels and go to places that very few people can say they have been to, and seeing (hopefully) some incredible marine species.

What are your goals now that you have joined the Ocean Census programme team?

Linking to above, one of my key goals is to be able to bring the expertise that I have garnered over the years to help the team build a strong expeditions base. By making sure that our operations run as smoothly as possible, I hope that we will then be able to focus on expanding our reach, and bringing more people from all over the world together in a bid to gain as much knowledge as possible from our oceans.

What do you think you’ll find most challenging about the role?

As I come from a terrestrial research side, I think one of the most challenging things for me will be to learn about the marine side, and the nuances involved with this. However, I am very excited to increase my knowledge in this area, so whilst it will be a challenge, it will also most definitely be interesting and exciting.

Why Ocean Census?

So many reasons come to mind, but I think one of the key factors was the analogy that I found on the website in that we know as much about the oceans as we would if we dropped a bucket from a hot air balloon into the rainforests! When you think of humankind’s knowledge like that, it puts into perspective how little we know and how much there is still potentially to explore and understand. Being part of a team whose mission it is to increase that knowledge, and has such a high goal number of species discovered, is a huge draw and something I’m very proud to say that I am now part of.

What’s your favourite memory/experience of the sea?

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef back in 2008 for my birthday was definitely one of the top memories I have of the sea. Initially it was just meant to be a snorkelling trip for me at least, however as fun as that was, when we got to the second stopping point and I was given the opportunity to dive – I jumped at the chance. Getting into the deeper water was amazing, seeing all these creatures in their natural habitat including a giant clam, they really are as big as the name suggests!

Favourite sea creature?

This is a tough question, I’m learning so much about many different species at the moment it’s definitely hard to pick just one – for example I went down a massive rabbit hole the other week learning all about sea pigs, fascinating! But if I had to pick (I’m going to cheat slightly) and I’d say the order Nudibranchia, anyone that knows me knows I love all things colourful, and these really do fit that bill!


Interested in finding out more about the expeditions Caroline gets involved with? Take a look at our live and past expeditions.

Featured image credits: Erik Lukas / Ocean Image Bank

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