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Why should we care about species discovery?

Ocean Census is the largest programme in history to discover ocean life at speed and at scale – why is this something we should all care about?

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Listen to our team explain why species discovery is so critical to ocean conservation.

Biodiversity is critical to our survival. Yet, even though ocean makes up more than 80% of habitat space on our planet, scientists believe little more than 10% of what lives in our seas has been found.

Many species are yet to be described through the process of taxonomy which, historically, has been slow and methodical.

Ocean Census is a global Alliance working together to accelerate the exploration and discovery of a vast array of life, bringing a huge number of people together with a range of skills. Discover how the ocean supports all life on earth and learn about what we are doing for the ocean.

Join us on our mission. You can help to raise awareness of the importance of marine life by sharing the film with friends and colleagues.

Featured in the video:

Dr Paris Stefanoudis

Dr Lucy Woodall, Associate Professor Marine Conservation Biology and Policy, University of Exeter

Dr Tim O’Hara, Senior Curator, Museums Victoria

Professor Dr Angelika Brandt, Senckenberg Research Institute

Dr Adrian Glover, Natural History Museum, London

Dr Erika Gress

Nina Jensen, CEO, REV Ocean

Dr Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Rob McCallum FRGS, Founding Partner, EYOS

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