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Macaronesia x Encounter EDU: Live Lessons

Do you know a young person interested in ocean science? Join us and learn more about our work

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Through our partnership with Encounter EDU, we’re gave children and young people the chance to be part of the Macaronesia Submersible & Diver Expedition, with a series of three immersive Live Lessons and downloadable resources.

Encounter EDU is and an award-winning STEM education provider, renowned for the creation of exciting and invaluable ocean science experiences that bring global projects to the classroom, helping to build young people’s empathy for and literacy of ocean issues.

Our scientists and divers explored the waters surrounding Tenerife in 2023 as part of our global mission to accelerate the discovery of ocean life before it’s too late. Three lessons and the accompanying resources look at:

  • How scientists discover and describe new species
  • How we journeyed to the ocean depths in the Pisces VI submersible
  • How science is helping to protect the endangered angel shark


If you know a young person who would like to get close to the action and experience the excitement and science behind an ocean expedition, share the resources.

Lessons were broadcast on YouTube Live and last around 45 minutes. All of the lessons are designed for KS2 / Ages 7 – 11.

Create a free account, re-watch the live lessons, and check out the resources.

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